On a regular basis, researchers from our center present their work for teachers, professionals and a general audience.


The Brain and Development Research Center (BDRC) has a large focus on outreach.

For teachers and professionals working with youth:

  • On a regular basis, researchers from the center present their work for teachers and professionals working with youth.  You can find more information about the possibility for lectures at Breinkennis Leiden.
  • In 2018, the center launched their newly developed course material for elementary and secondary education, with topics such as “Risk-taking behaviour”, “Friendship” and “Self-image”. The material is freely available at Breinkennis Leiden (in Dutch).

For parents and professionals:

  • Due to great succes, the second edition of Eveline Crone’s book “Het puberende brein” (The pubertal brain) was published in 2018, with new insights and research on social media use.
  • In 2019, several BDRC researchers and youth professionals worked together on an information booklet (by Biowetenschap en Maatschappij, in Dutch) about typical and atypical behavior during adolesecense, as well as the role of stress, sleep, nutrition and physical activity on the developing brain.

For youth:

  • In 2018 we launched the new and scientifically updated website, www.kijkinjebrein.nl, for youth to learn more about their brain, for example for school projects.
  • We are often invited to present lectures, workshops, or organize activities at youth festivals.
  • We organize our own project-based festivals, specifically for the young participants in our research.


See this infographic for an overview of our recent outreach activities:

Universiteit Leiden_Infographic_WEB


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