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Annelinde Vandenbroucke

Meet Annelinde:

Annelinde Vandenbroucke

Annelinde is program coordinator for the research performed within the “NeuroLabNL Startimpuls”: a funding scheme from the Dutch Research Agenda (Nationale Wetenschapsagenda). In this project, researchers and societal partners throughout the Netherlands work together to bring our society closer to “optimal conditions for learning and safety of youth”. Annelinde coordinates outreach activities, symposia and meetings concerning this research. She is also responsible for communication and the NeuroLabNL website.

In addition, Annelinde is valorization & outreach coordinator for the Brain and Development Research Center. Here, she helps researchers with knowledge dissemination, valorization for grand proposals and implementation of scientific knowledge in practice.

Annelinde has a background in Psychology, and obtained her PhD with prof. dr.Victor Lamme at the University of Amsterdam. After 4 years of post-doctoral research in the field of Cognitive Neuroscience, she decided to shift her focus to research management and knowledge dissemination. Her goal is to bring science and society closer together, and facilitate the practical use of scientific findings.