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Bianca van den Bulk

Meet Bianca:

Bianca van den Bulk

Bianca van den Bulk is project manager at the Leiden Consortium on Individual Development (L-CID), a large longitudinal randomized controlled trail investigating the development of social competence and behavioral control in children (3-14 years old) and parent-child interaction within families.

Within L-CID, Bianca coordinates the overarching data collection and data processing and she supervises non-scientific staff. In addition, she organizes various scientific meetings and outreach activities. Bianca also maintains close contact with CID in Utrecht about human resources, project progress and finances. Bianca is the contact person for all project related questions.

Bianca has a background in developmental cognitive neuroscience and obtained a PhD with prof. Robert Vermeiren and prof. Eveline Crone at the University of Leiden in 2015. After her graduation she started as a postdoctoral researcher at L-CID. During her appointment as a postdoctoral researcher, Bianca discovered her interest in project management and specialized in facilitating and managing large research projects. Since January 2019, Bianca has held the position of project manager at L-CID. Her passion is to properly streamline and facilitate large research projects with many parties involved, so that people can get the most out of their research project.