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Bianca Westhoff

Meet Bianca:

Bianca Westhoff

Bianca Westhoff is a PhD candidate at the Brain and Development Research Center (BDRC) at Leiden University.

Bianca received her Master’s degree from the Research Master Psychology (University of Amsterdam) in 2016, in which she specialized in Brain&Cognitive Sciences, and Psychological Methods. During her two internships, she investigated neural mechanisms of fear learning using pharmacological manipulations (University of Amsterdam), and developmental changes in resting-state functional connectivity across adolescence (Braintime study; BDRC, Leiden University).

In 2016, she started her PhD project on the development of social learning in typically developing adolescents, supervised by Dr. Anna van Duijvenvoorde and Prof. Eveline Crone. This project, funded by the Open Research Area Grant, is a European collaborative project to study social learning. She combines methods and insights from different fields, such as developmental and social psychology, behavioral economics, and neuroscience. With several subprojects, she aims to understand the development and (neural) mechanisms of learning from, for, and about other people.

In addition to her reseach actitivities, Bianca also supervises bachelor and master theses, and coordinates a bachelor course (The Adolescent Brain) and the Leiden Psychology Blog (www.leidenpsychologyblog.nl). Moreover, she is a board member of the PhD Platform of the Faculty of Social Sciences.