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Cevdet Acarsoy

Meet Cevdet:

Cevdet Acarsoy

Cevdet studied psychology in Turkey (2016, high honour graduate) before completing his master in Clinical Psychology from Leiden University (2018, cum laude). He wrote his thesis on Mind Wandering in relation to EEG Theta/Beta Ratio and Attentional Control. In his research internship he worked in an fMRI study focused on Default Mode Network activity and Attentional Control supervised by Dr. Peter Putman. He also taught work groups for various bachelor psychology courses in Leiden University.

He joined the Brain and Development Lab in Developmental Psychology department in Leiden University as a research assistant in 2018. He has been working in mainly fMRI scanning for various projects supervised by Prof. Dr. Eveline Crone and Prof. Dr. Berna Guroglu. He is also a dedicated science communicator, founded a science communication platform to form a bridge between academia and society.