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Eduard Klapwijk

Meet Eduard:

Eduard Klapwijk

Eduard is a postdoctoral researcher in the Brain and Development Research Center. In his research, he tries to better understand why most teenagers grow up to be kind to others while a proportion engage in harmful, antisocial and risky behaviors. He works on a project funded by the Hersenstichting, in which he examines the neurodevelopmental consequences of alcohol use in adolescence in collaboration with researchers from Erasmus University Rotterdam, VU University Amsterdam and Utrecht University. He is also involved in the Brainlinks project, in which he examines the effects of social experience on adolescent brain development. He also has a keen interest in improving reproducibility in developmental cognitive neuroscience, for example by improving methods for quality control (see the Qoala-T tool).

During his PhD he investigated the neural mechanisms underlying social-emotional dysfunction in youth with antisocial behavior and youth with autism spectrum disorders at Curium-Leiden University Medical Center. He then worked one and a half years as management consultant, after which he returned to academia in June 2017 to start as a postdoc in the Brain and Development Research Center.


e.t.klapwijk [@] fsw.leidenuniv.nl