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Kayla Green



Kayla is a research assistant on the ‘Brainlinks’ project, a longitudinal MRI study which focuses on the development of prosocial behavior during adolescence. She is currently investigating the neural correlates of parenting self-evaluations, of parents whose children and adolescents have participated in the first wave of the ‘Brainlinks’ project. With this she intends to get a step closer in unravelling the link between parent-adolescent relationship and neurocognitive development. In addition, she is involved with the data collection of the second wave of this project.

Kayla obtained her research master (Neuroscience & Cognition, 2018) and clinical master (Neuropsychology, 2017) degree at Utrecht University. Her second research internship was part of the ‘Self-Concept’ project at the Brain and Development Research Center, where she aimed to identify different developmental neural trajectories for boys vs. girls when making direct and reflected self-evaluations in the domain of physical appearance. She also assisted in a multidisciplinary project together with Dr. Janna Cousijn, Dr. Heidi Lesscher, Prof. Louk Vanderschuren, and Prof. Leon Kenemans where she investigated the age-related differences in the behavioural and neurobiological mechanisms underlying heavy alcohol use in adolescents versus adults.