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Mara van der Meulen

Meet Mara:

Mara van der Meulen



Mara is a PhD student in the Leiden Consortium on Individual Development (L-CID), one of four work packages of the national Consortium on Individual Development. The overarching aim of L-CID is to test the effect of a more supportive environment on children’s behavioral control and social competence. Under supervision of Prof. Dr. Eveline Crone, Mara studies  prosocial behavior and social exclusion in relation to brain function and brain structure in middle childhood. Additionally, she is interested in genetic and environmental effects on children’s social behavior.

Mara obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2012 and her Research Master’s degree in Developmental Psychology in 2014 from Leiden University. After completing her studies, Mara worked as a research assistant in the Brain and Development Research Center to examine the effect of media-by-peer interactions on body image in young women. In January 2020 she will start working as a post-doctoral researcher at L-CID, to investigate longitudinal trajectories of prosocial behavior from childhood into adolescence.