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Neeltje van den Bedem

Meet Neeltje:

Neeltje van den Bedem

Neeltje coordinates valorisation projects on social acceptance and bullying as part of the NeuroLabNL Startimpuls of the Dutch Research Agenda. Together with societal partners she makes research knowledge accessible for society. As a postdoc researcher she examines the content of school-wide anti-bullying interventions in order to improve these programs in line with recent research findings.

Neeltje has a background in pedagogical sciences and sign linguistics. She did her PhD project in the Focus on Emotion Lab of Prof. dr. Carolien Rieffe at Leiden University. She examined the psychosocial development of children and adolescents with and without Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) and the mediating role of emotional competence. Before her PhD project, Neeltje worked as a family counsellor for children who were deaf or hard of hearing and as a pedagogical therapist for children with DLD.