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Simone Dobbelaar

Meet Simone:

Simone Dobbelaar

Simone is a PhD candidate in the Brain and Development Research Center at Leiden University. After completing the bachelors Psychobiology and Psychology, she obtained her Research Master Psychology at the University of Amsterdam with a specialization in Brain and Cognition and Clinical Psychology. In her master thesis, she studied the role of context in declarative memory interference.

In January 2019, Simone started her PhD project under supervision of prof. Dr. Eveline Crone and Dr. Anna van Duijvenvoorde. Her project is part of the longitudinal twin study of the Leiden Consortium on Individual Development (L-CID). In her PhD, Simone uses behavioral and fMRI measures to study the relation between variations in the social environment and the neurocognitive development of social competence from middle childhood to early adolescence.