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Investigating the effect of alcohol consumption on brain development.

Effects of alcohol

Together with researchers from Erasmus University Rotterdam, Free University Amsterdam and Academic Medical Center Utrecht we are collaborating on a project funded by the Dutch Brain Foundation to study the effects of alcohol use on the developing adolescent brain.

Data from three different longitudinal studies is used in this project: Generation R (Rotterdam), Braintime (Leiden), and Brain Scale (Amsterdam / Utrecht). The three datasets are being analyzed simultaneously to investigate the possible neurocognitive changes from before the first alcohol consumption to the period following first alcohol consumption.

Collaborators: Ingmar Franken (Erasmus University Rotterdam),Hilleke Hulshoff Pol (UMC Utrecht), Eveline Crone (Leiden University), Dorret Boomsa (VU Amsterdam), Rachel Brouwer (UMC Utrecht), Dennis van ‘t Ent (VU Amsterdam), Martijn Koevoets (UMC Utrecht), Hanan El Marroun (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

This project is supported by a grant from the Dutch Brain Foundation, awarded to Eveline Crone, Ingmar Franke, Hilleke Hulshof Pol and Dorret Boomsma.